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Accounts Receivable
Dakota Software
National Accounts for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: National Accounts for Adagio is specifically designed for companies that sell to chain stores, branch offices or subsidiaries, where the head office pays the bill. A single payment can be easily applied to outstanding invoices.
See linXcollect Pro under Collections
See linXware under CRM
Accounting Suites
Softrak Systems Inc.
Adagio Accounting 
Platform: Adagio, Plus
Product Description: Adagio Accounting is the only way for an ACCPAC Plus user to move to Windows-based accounting, one module, one workstation or one user at a time. Adagio is the natural solution for single currency users of the following modules:
Business Activity Monitoring
Business Intelligence
See Indicee under Reporting
linXcollect Pro
Platform: Adagio, Plus, A4W
Product Description: From the debt management side, linXcollect provides customer service and collection tools to
accelerate cash flow by staying in contact with the customer and monitoring the entire collection process. Key features include:
  • contacting customers by user defined categories,
  • recording contact activities and archiving notes,
  • tracking promises as the basis for expected cash flow,
  • creating customized letters and statements, and
  • generating comprehensive management reports.
Platform: Adagio, Plus, A4W
Product Description: linXware is a family of products that links back office accounting functions to CRM tools, completing the entire cycle from prospect to customer, to sales, and finally to debt management. linXsync provides scheduled synchronization with key accounting information, statistics, and sales information selectable by a built-in mapping tool. linXsales provides detail sales history in an intelligent, user manageable grid with graphical views. Product information is passed to linXorder for a complete order entry solution.
Data Security
Softrak Systems Inc.
Adagio DataCare
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: The easiest way to back up your data and check data integrity, unattended, overnight
eBusiness / eCommerce
Virtual Vendor Inc.
Platform: Plus, Adagio
Product Description: An all in one total eBusiness solution that: automatically: creates and updates a website from Accpac or Adagio data, retrieves sales orders from the website. Perfect for manufacturers, distributors and progressive businesses!

Lenmax Software Solutions Inc

EDI Translator for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description:EDI Translator for Adagio provides 100% automated integration with Adagio IC and OE, eliminating manual data import and export. It translates valid EDI X12 ASCII files into Adagio recognizable documents such as Sales Orders and Invoices.

General Ledger
X-Company for Adagio
X-Company for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: Intercompany Posting Add-on to Adagio. Create batches and post across Adagio Entities, in AP, AR, and GL.
Island Microsystems
SerialTracker for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: SerialTracker traces serialized inventory from receipt to sale. Conveniently retrieve the Sales order from Order Entry and record item serial numbers from those available for sale. When sold, the items are placed in a history file with customer, vendor, sales details, and warranty information recorded for reporting or display. Transactions can also be recorded or edited directly, if a sales module is not available, or changes are required after the sale is processed. Edit historical data and import serial transactions from Adagio Inventory and Musick Serialized Inventory. SerialTracker adds serial number tracking and serialized history to Adagio.
Lenmax Software Solutions Inc
Warehouse Management for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: Warehouse Management for Adagio Accounting seamlessly integrates with Adagio's Operational Suite to provide a complete inventory management and stock location solution for small to medium sized businesses.
Order Entry
See linXship under Shipping
Payroll Software
Hilbert Software
21st Century Payroll for Adagio
Payroll software (US)
Platform: Adagio, Plus
Product Description: 21st Century Payroll for Adagio -- full-featured, flexible stand-alone US Payroll, automatically, transparently sends batches to Adagio Ledger and JobCost.
Qlab Systems Ltd.
PayDirt Payroll
Platform: Adagio, Plus
Product Description: Qlab Systems is the creator of Canadian PayDirt Payroll, a new approach to handling both simple and complex payrolls that require departmentalized accounting from payroll, or have multiple wages, benefits, accruals, or deductions. If you are handling any part of your payroll with spreadsheets, you will want to see what PayDirt Payroll can do for you. To arrange a no charge Web demonstration of our program, contact Phil at
Point of Sale
Island Microsystems
CounterSales for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: CounterSales provides cash register and sales invoicing functions fully integrated with Adagio, Inventory and Receivables. This convenient, easy-to-use point-of-sale system is designed to use A/R files for customer information, and I/C files for fast, accurate price look up, plus accurate invoice costing. Sales transactions are captured for direct posting to inventory and accounts receivable. The program accepts user defined payment types and tracks salespeople. Valuable management and accounting reports are produced, supported by complete audit trails. Extensive sales history can be retained for future inquiry, analysis and reporting.
Purchase Orders
Island Microsystems
PO Tracker for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: PO Tracker provides order entry and receipt functions for use with Inventory. Auto-generate an order list from Inventory. Purchase stock, non-stock items, check on delivery dates, with ease and efficiency.
Softrak Systems Inc. 

Crystal Reports for Adagio
Platforms: Adagio, Plus

Product Description: Using the highly popular Crystal Reports software as its foundation, this report writer makes the creation of professional looking reports from your accounting data effortless.

Indicee Inc. 

Platforms: Adagio, ACCPAC Plus, ACCPAC For Windows

Product Description: Indicee is an online reporting application that helps you unlock the business insight stored in the countless spreadsheets, CRM and ERP reports spread throughout your organization. From one secure location on the web, it lets you consolidate, probe, visualize and share business data quickly, easily and securely.

PDFdocuments for Adagio - see Utility
PrintBoss for Adagio - see Utility
Platform: Adagio, Plus, A4W
Product Description: linXship is a carrier management tool, fully integrated to the accounting system and major carrier service companies (UPS, Federal Express, etc.) to manage the workflow of shipments, including shipping costs (rates), bills of lading, shipping manifests, tracking facility and freight bill verification and payment.
AccSys Solutions
PDFdocuments for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: Automatically print all transaction posting journals in .pdf format instead of on paper, saving trees, money, filing time and filing space.
Dakota Software
Toolkit for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: The Toolkit is an essential collection of utilities for Adagio. You can change, combine or copy customers, vendors, items, units, jobs and accounts. Other functions too numerous to mention.
Island Microsystems
LabelPrint for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: LabelPrint is designed to print item labels from Adagio Inventory data. The item number can be printed as a barcode to allow scanning items into Inventory, Order Entry, or other sales invoicing modules. Labels can be printed for any item or range of items on file. If desired only those items with quantity in stock can be selected, or only those items recently received. The Report Designer included with LabelPrint can be used to custom design a label for your company.
Wellspring Software
Platform: Adagio, A4W
Product Description: Print accounting documents on blank paper. PrintBoss will make the process of printing accounting documents easier, faster and less expensive. Works with either Accpac for Windows or Adagio.
X-Company for Adagio
X-Company for Adagio
Platform: Adagio
Product Description: Intercompany Posting Add-on to Adagio. Create batches and post across Adagio Entities, in AP, AR, and GL.

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